Top 4 Takeaways from Money 20/20 USA 2022

Our CEO and co-founder, Andrew Drake, traveled from the Bay Area to Las Vegas, Nevada for Money 20/20 USA 2022. Read on for his top four takeaways and highlights.

I’ll spare the travel details and jump right in! 

Takeaway One: Embedded Finance was one of the biggest themes of the conference, but are we all talking about the same thing? It wasn’t clear on the conference floor what Embedded Finance meant (and didn’t mean!), and if everyone was talking about the same thing. It’s a broad, all-encompassing term that could most likely use some refining over 2023.

Takeaway Two: There were roughly a dozen Banking-as-a-Service providers at the event looking to embed finance in all kinds of places! But especially B2B spaces. I’m guessing this is due to the fact that, as the tide is going out on neobanks, it's also exposing the limitations of those companies’ business models.

Takeaway Three: Last year’s themes–Crypto and BNPL–were not major players this year. Especially not BNPL, which seems to be a bit of a four-letter word this year.

Takeaway Four: Money 20/20 is beating the stock market in terms of popularity–the event was very full! I overheard that about 13,000 people registered. and it seemed as if there were another 30% across the exhibit hall. People want–and are ready–to get together, collaborate, and meet face-to-face.

All in all, this conference has grown so much since I first came in 2013, and it was definitely worth the trip.

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